Keynote Speakers

Camy “Cameron” Arnett
Camy Arnett Production Studios (CAPS)
“Stand Your Ground”, “Champion”, “Mattie: The Discovery”
Actor, Producer, Director
Keynote: Wednesday

Aaron Burns
Burns Studios
“War Room”, “Beyond the Mask”, “Pendragon: Sword of His Father”
Producer, Director
Keynote: Thursday Lunch

Rick and Nettie Reyna
Rallys for Christ
Photo Double for Al Pacino, Actor, Evangelist,
Producer, Filmmaker
Keynote: Thursday

Anne Graham Lotz
AnGel Ministries
Chairman National Day of Prayer Task Force
Worldwide Evangelist, Speaker, Author
Keynote: Friday

 Workshop Speakers

David Austin
Executive VP
Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Sherry Bronson
Bronson Media Group

Chris Bueno
Distributor specializing in Netflix
Ocean Avenue Entertainment

Mark Haville
Screenwriter, Producer, Distributor
Timeless Life

Mark A. Keuthan, PH.D.
Screenwriter, Instructor
Transformation Film Institute

Andy Librizzi
Award Winning Filmmaker, Producer
Image Engine Creative

Tad Newberry MA
Award Winning Producer
Transformation Film Institute

Richard J. Polite
Filmmaker, Producer
Transformation Film Institute

Rob Price
Professor of Communications
Southwestern A/G University

Shane Reitzammer
Content Creator
Cinema Story

Johnny Remo
Award Winning Filmmaker, Producer, Distributor
Inspired Family Entertainment

Josh Weiss
GM of the IBN Network, NRB Church Media Chair

Producer of Crosstalk International TV

Camy “Cameron” Arnett
Producer, Director, Actor, Speaker, Talk Show Host

Camy Arnett Production Studios (CAPS)

Panelist/Special Guest

Rod Butler
Animated short series “Boy + Dog”

Renae Christoffersen
Director of Programming
DayStar Television Network

Earl Heard
Founder and CEO
The BIC Alliance & IVS Investment Banking

Isaac Hernandez
VP of  Programming and Syndication

Parables TV

Bob Higley

Christopher Inman
Executive Producer, Screenwriter
“Brotherhood of Thunder” Docu-series

Tammy Lane
Executive Producer, Screenwriter
“Mission Reality” Docu-series

Carla McDougal
Executive Producer, Author, Speaker
“Stronger Movie”

Tracey Mitchell
Conference Speaker, Evangelist, Author, TV Host
“Live from DFW”, “The Winning Woman”  TV

Fred Mosely J.D, LL.M
Executive Producer, Judge
“Laws of Life Court TV” series

J Loren Norris
Content Producer, Talk Show Host, Speaker
“Meet the Messenger” TV Talk Show”

Adrianne Schwanke
Content Director / Producer
“Shoring Up” TV Talk Show

Randy Weiss
President and CEO of the IBN Network
Founder – “Crosstalk International TV”